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Is it wrong to constantly want to be high or drunk? probably.

I forgot to mention my tai food experience!!!! haha me and colin and sarah went to a tai restaurant:

Once upon a time there was an Ashley who had never had Tai food. Ashley called up Collin and asked sarah to go to LemonGrass. When Ashley arrived with her friends after a long trudge through snow, she was greeted by a friendly japanese women dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. Already amazed with the class of this restaurant, she asked for a table for 3...moving about 3 steps, the japanese woman grabbed a table from across the room and dragged it to the front door beside a table for 2, then proceded to ask the table behind her if they were using their spare chair. So the children sat. As Ashley looked through the paper menue, she saw things written in a language she'd never seen before..and ordered the "Tai soup" with some other words after it. When the soup arrived with collin and sarah's dish's, she noticed she did not recieve the same soup spoon as collin and sarah. Ashley, confused and high, asked the strange japanese woman in jeans why she did not recieve the same spoon...the japanese woman finally spoke...(a surprise considering she had been fearcely nodding previously) she said in a strange voice..."no we have spoon not now." Ashley just desregarded the question considering she didn't know what the hell the woman was saying and was kind of frightened by her intense look. The food was cold and hot. Ashley lost again. And died.

I liked the ending of that one.
anyways i hate tai food i wanna die.

hee hee
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