Ashley (satinkitte) wrote,


haha i just finished looking at the hulla peectArs. They amused me to no end. I still wish I could have gone lol.

I found that random CD amanda and I used to play in communications technology last year hahahahhaa omg it's so funny . It's totally hers I wonder if I just never gave it back :/ lol. whatever though I listened to it in media art today (same classroom) haha FLASHBACK whAt. hee hee. cool. "I was born in new jersey i said it before but i guess nobody heard me". lol it's funny because the entire CD skips. There's actually a really good song on there I never heard before.
lol. that was random.

omg I'm so excited for the drunkenness this weekend!!!! baaaaaaaaaaaah. and ketamine, of course. and e. hahahaha wow. I'm not an addict babbbbbbbbbyyy that's no lieeeeeeeeee.
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