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Well this has been long overdue aha

I've got my own apartment now. I dropped out of school last semester but am regestering at a new school across the street.

Emotionally ..I've noticed some falters...but when I think back to grade 9 or 10..I realize that my self esteem has risin a great deal. Self esteem is possibly the single most important thing a person has to cherish, if this is depleted or being stabbed at, I guarentee it should be the first thing you take time to heal. Without self-esteem there is no socializing, no caring, no feelings nothing.
there ARE aspects of my life that make me feel great, on the other hand there are aspects of my life which continuously tear away at my self-esteem. Because I'm strong, I don't let my shell down about this. IT SUUUUUUUCKS! lol. So lately I feel I should do something about it simply because it's starting to get to me. I can feel the depression comming on...and I'm not the type of person who is able to pull herself out of a depression quickly. It'll be a very selfish act but a well overdue one.

I guess that's it. My love for music is continuing to grow and love for human beings is huge now and they continue to amaze me all the time. I guess my "quest" to be a "good person" continues as well...not that I'm less of that, just that I believe if we all tried a little bit harder we could be MORE of that.

hee hee.
and....OH SNAP!!
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