Ashley (satinkitte) wrote,

la la la.

can't move in with fernando or adam.

Josh wants me to move in with him but we'd have to share a room. I don't really want to do that....but Taya is moving out in september so if I do go somewhere it could be temporary. What i really want to do is move downtown with a roomate...on top of one of those shitty stores near that park where oms not bombs was (omg I miss). But I can't find a roomate...even if people ARE moving out it's not until after school ends...and I have to move out in May. ugh it's so faulty. I could always live with my uncle until september...fuck no. no way. Besides, despite my depression/stress I'm actually quite excited about finally moving out on my own...I mean common CHEESE AND ONGION PIE PARTY! haha yay. and a liquor cabinet! my very own hahahahha. YES> I can finally be the alcoholic I've always wanted to be. Gonzo told me he'd move in with me in a year lol but he's no help.

I'm fine with moving's just I'm really stressed about a roomate because I can't afford it on my own.

fucking patrick is being a retard too. He fucking bought a credit card and is blowing like massive amounts on alcohol. fuckign idiot. My friends are never there when I need them the most. BULLSHIT.

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